Bamileke Calendar

22/09/2022 ASENGO Technologies 0

Calendrier des langues locales de l’Ouest Cameroun.
Les langues bamilékés actuelles dans l’application sont :
Bafung, Fefe, Ghomala, Gomba, Medumba, Mengaka, Nguemba, Nguimba , Yemba


16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

After 10+ working in a company that operates in the mass production of hygienics products, We then developed this application to help the companies record […]

ASENGO Collect

16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

For a small financial business that goes after the costommer in the local market to collect deposits. It allows recording deposits and withdrawals. Tracks and  […]


16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

This application meant to managing the activities of a group of people that meet together commonly called association, collect the money and make loans amongst […]

Asengo Commerce

16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

Asengo commerce ASENGO Commerce is a desktop software application for small, medium size companies that carry out any commercial activities. The main features are billing, […]