ASENGO – I Contribute

27/12/2023 ASENGO Technologies 0

Manage events donors and track their contributions

I-Contribute is a mobile app designed with simplicity in mind for you to manage the contributions for an event. It is offline, meaning it does not require an internet connection to work.

Bamileke Calendar

22/09/2022 ASENGO Technologies 0

Calendrier des langues locales de l’Ouest Cameroun.
Les langues bamilékés actuelles dans l’application sont :Bafung, Fefe, Ghomala, Gomba, Medumba, Mengaka,  Nguemba, Nguimba , Yemba,Baloum, Fondjomekwet, Bamena, Deunkouop/Bandenkop, Bangou, Bangoua, Bapa, Ngombale, Batchingou, Fotouni, Batoufam.


16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

After 10+ working in a company that operates in the mass production of hygienics products, We then developed this application to help the companies record […]

ASENGO Collect

16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

For a small financial business that goes after the costommer in the local market to collect deposits. It allows recording deposits and withdrawals. Tracks and  […]


16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

This application meant to managing the activities of a group of people that meet together commonly called association, collect the money and make loans amongst […]

Asengo Commerce

16/09/2020 ASENGO Technologies 0

Asengo commerce ASENGO Commerce is a desktop software application for small, medium size companies that carry out any commercial activities. The main features are billing, […]