ASENGO Technologies

About Us

ASENGO TECHNOLOGIES is a software engineering company. It is specialized in different Information and Technology fields with some software applications ready to use in a small and medium size company.


Software Engineering

We use the Content Management System to produce websites in very short timeline. We develop application software using the technology stack PHP/MYSQL or ASP.NET/ASP Core, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Database Management

We design relational databases for the most popular database management systems (Oracle, MYSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server). We assist our customer in collecting the project requirements, write specifications and scope , analyzing the specifications, design the database and roll it out for production.

IT Project management

You have an IT project or you want to acquire a software application and don’t really know what to do, then we are there for you. We help you in describing your requirements and produce the scope of your project. Launch the tender, select a contractor, drive the project till the final step of the production.

Web hosting and referencing.

It is a  very good idea to have a website for your business, however it is important to be found in the popular search engines on the first page and on top of the search results. We improve your awareness to let people find you online,  improve your ranking in the search engine.

Software Application

Asengo Commerce

Asengo commerce ASENGO Commerce is a desktop software application for small, medium size companies that carry out any commercial activities. The main features are billing, purchase , inventory and pay


This application meant to managing the activities of a group of people that meet together commonly called association, collect the money and make loans amongst themself. This app then helps record all

ASENGO Collect

ASENGO Collect For a small financial business that goes after the costommer in the local market to collect deposits. It allows recording deposits and withdrawals. Tracks and  records members’ loans, t


After 10+ working in a company that operates in the mass production of hygienics products, We then developed this application to help the companies record and track the productions, analyse the consum

Bamileke Calendar

Bamileke Calendar The people of Grassfield in the West region of Cameroon, a country of Africa speak different local languages or dialects and they use a lunar calendar of 8 days cycle. Bamileke Calen

ASENGO – I Contribute

I-Contribute Manage events donors and track their contributions I-Contribute is a mobile app designed with simplicity in mind for you to manage the contributions for an event. It is offline, meaning i