About Us

ASENGO TECHNOLOGIES is a Cameroonian software engineering company. It is specialized in many Information and Technology fields with some software applications ready to use in small and medium size companies.

Goal and target

Our main objective is to develop software applications for the management, software that will be used in different device like desktop, tablette, phablette and smartphone. So we are targeting companies running different type of activities.

Our approach

In order to successfully carry out our projects, we use the agile methodology that involves the client in the project , sets him at the center of the project. Moreover the Agile methodology aims to  produce regular releases ready to put the production environment.

We start by assessing the situation and define the requirements of our client. Then we take a time to write the scope or the specifications of the project, this is done when the specification document of the project does not exist.

For the analysis part of the project, we use UML for the modeling process and the 4D process(DESIGN-DEVELOP –DEBUG – DEPLOY).

For the case of website for instance we use the 5 planes of User Experience by JJ Garrett (Surface – Skeleton – Structure – Scope – Strategic)


We are dedicated to using the most productive environment for your project in websites, web applications or  for the specific software development.

Web sites:  we use the top Content Management System: WordPress, Joomla and WordPress.

Web Application:

If after analyzing the project requirements we realize that we cannot use the CMS to successfully carry out the project, then we develop a specific software application:  to do so we make uses of the Technology stack HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery and PHP/Mysql or ASP.NET-ASP Core/MS SQL Server. Visit our portfolio in order to see some examples.