Bamileke Calendar

Bamileke Calendar

The people of Grassfield in the West region of Cameroon, a country of Africa speak different local languages or dialects and they use a lunar calendar of 8 days cycle.

Bamileke Calendar is a standalone application;  it displays the days of a bamileke language in the commonly used Greece calendar.



When you launch the app, it displays the calendar of the current month and highlights the date of today. You can then simulate the calendar of any month and year for a selected local language, and schedule your events accordingly.

This app is designed, developed, and maintained by ASENGO TECHNOLOGIES (

For any feedback, suggestion, or bug reports;  please message us at .

The languages in the app are : 

Bafung, Fefe, Ghomala, Gomba, Medumba, Mengaka, Nguemba, Nguimba , Yemba, Baloum, Fondjomekwet, Bamena, Deunkouop/Bandenkop, Bangou, Bangoua, Bapa, Ngombale, Batchingou(Ndaʼndaʼ), Fotouni, Batoufam, Ngiemboon, Nweh(Lebialem), Batié.

If your language or your language variety is not found in here, please reach out and we will be happy to add your language.

if you are a local language promoter and would like to have this calendar on your website , please reach out to us at .

The app comes in two flavors; the free and paid version

The free version

Get the free version here and you will see the calendar of the 12 months of the year, the year is updated automatically.

Sur Microsoft Store
Sur Microsoft Store
Google Play

The paid version

If you like our app, buy us a cup of coffee by getting the paid version and you would be able to view the calendar of passed and coming years.

Microsoft Store

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